Doggie Salt Soak 500g


An Epsom salt and Australian sea salt soak with added active ingredients and essential oils for total health and wellbeing of your dog.

Magnesium in Epsom Salt is an essential nutrient that is absorbed through the skin to facilitate healthy muscle and nerve function and promote joint mobility and recovery and healing of tired or sore muscles.

Sea salt is loaded with essential minerals which are absorbed into the skin and can help with allergies, irritations and wound healing as well as soften dry and rough skin and paws.

Our dog-safe blend of essential oils can help prevent and get rid of fleas and ticks, and promote calm and relaxation.

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Our Doggie Salt Soak is a blend of health-giving salts and minerals (Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate), West Australian sea salt and Himalayan salt), fractionated coconut oil, colloidal oats and essential oils which should be added to their bath water or a special salt soak to gently cleanse, reduce skin irritation, and keep your dog in his/her peak condition. We have used our signature blend of fresh and invigorating essential oils as used in our Doggie ‘Poo Shampoo Bar to leave your dog smelling oh so sweet.

Packed in 500g Biodegradable Bio Foil Bags. No Plastic or Palm Oil.

Directions for use

Doggie Salt Soak is suitable on it’s own as a gentle cleanser to replace shampoo.

Dissolve 1/2 cup – 1 cup of Doggie Salt Soak in a bath or tub of warm water. DO NOT LET YOUR DOG DRINK THE WATER AS EPSOM SALT CAN CAUSE STOMACH UPSETS AND DIARRHEA IF INGESTED. Soak your dog in the water for 10-15 mins. Pour all over body avoiding face and eyes. Do NOT rinse clean with freshwater – Doggie Salt Soak is intended as a leave-in product.

For really dirty dogs, Doggie Salt Soak can be used in conjunction with our Neem oil Doggie ‘Poo Shampoo Bar but be sure to thoroughly rinse all the suds from your dogs skin.

The Benefits of Epsom Salt for Dogs

Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral compound consisting of magnesium and sulfate. It’s uses are wide and varied as a natural remedy in beauty, the garden and around the house. Magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin to provide the benefits to the body. Magnesium is crucial to all cell function in the body and regulates the other essential minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium. Just as humans need magnesium, so do dogs to keep them functioning at their optimum – it is the second most needed mineral in the body after potassium. Magnesium helps muscles and the heart and the nervous system to function properly. That is why an epsom salt bath can do wonders to ease and relax the muscles and nerves after a long hard and stressful day. Magnesium deficiency symptoms include irregular heart rates, high blood pressure, seizures, bone pain, nervousness, irritability, depression and muscle spasms. Magnesium can also be obtained through food, but sometimes digestive problems or other conditions may prevent maximum absorption. An average dog needs 150mg of magnesium every day to stay healthy.

Sea Salt for Healthy Skin

Sea salt is loaded with essential minerals and can cleanse and heal the skin of inflammation, dryness and bacterial and fungal infections. Swimming in the sea is not only fun but actually really good for the health of your dog. Our Salt Soak may ease the itchiness and irritation caused from skin allergies and rashes.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a tried and true ingredient for help with sensitive skin issues such as redness, itchiness, inflammation and dryness. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can create a protective skin barrier to hold in moisture in the skin and prevent dryness and itchiness.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is readily absorbed by the skin and will leave it feeling soft and moisturised.

Dog-safe Blend of Essential Oils

Our essential oils have been blended and safely diluted for use on your dogs skin. Lavender essential oil is gentle, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory whilst promoting a calming effect on your dog. Cedarwood essential oil is known to repel insects and also is good for relieving dry and inflamed skin. Lemongrass essential oil is another insect repellent with antimicrobial properties.

Formulated with Human Grade Ingredients

We love our dogs so much and want to provide them with the best products to keep them the happiest and healthiest they can be. Our Doggie Salt Soak is made with sea salt harvested from Western Australia and the best quality natural ingredients used for human natural skin care formulations.  In fact, our Doggie Salt Soak would also work wonders on us loving dog mums (and dads!) in need of a relaxing soak! The only difference being the essential oils have been blended especially for the kinds of skin issues dog’s get. Tag us in any pics of you in the bath with your dog!! 🙂



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