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How-To Doggie ‘Poo.

How-To Doggie ‘Poo

It was a hot and still day in the high 30’s so we took the opportunity to wash Tilly outside with the garden hose. We don’t advocate washing your dog more than you really have to because the more you wash your dog, the more you wash away their natural protective oily layer on the skin. If your dog suffers from dry and itchy skin, it could either be an allergy or a result of too many baths, too frequently, and their skin has dried out. This opens them up to all sorts of problems from raw skin to bacterial or fungal infections.

Doggie ‘Poo Shampoo Bar is non-drying and is formulated especially for dogs, made with antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oils, so it may actually help with these conditions.

You’ll see in the following video how well behaved Tilly was. It was because she had just been playing and was hot and exhausted. The cool hose down was probably a welcome relief.

Easy Step by Step.

  1. Wet dog thoroughly.
  2. Rub bar all over body (except face).
  3. Massage into a bubbly lather. Leave in for 5 mins to allow the Neem Oil to deal to any rogue fleas or ticks.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Allow dog to shake off excess water then towel dry.
  6. Wet flannel/facecloth with water and use to clean face and ears. (Don’t use shampoo to avoid getting in eyes).
  7. Dry face with towel.

Why it’s Important to Use a Facecloth for the Head and Face.

Apart from your dog probably not liking a gush of water on their face, you want to avoid getting water inside their ears as it could create problems or ear infections down the track.

And if you want to avoid water all over yourself and everywhere else, as soon as a dogs face and head is saturated with water they will shake off.

The easiest way to clean your dogs head and face is to moisten a facecloth with just water and rub it gently all over. Don’t use shampoo on the face as it may get in the eyes.

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