Behind The Brand

Kat, founder of Doggie 'Poo and Tilly

The Founder

Kat has been making natural soap and body products for humans since 2013, and has formulated Doggie ‘Poo Shampoo out of the need to find a product for dogs that contains the highest quality natural ingredients and plant extracts that are ethically sourced, effective and non-toxic without the plastic packaging.

Her ethics of sustainable living are carried over into her products, and you’ll find they don’t contain palm oil or any cheap and nasty ingredients and are packaged in plastic-free and biodegradable materials.

Her passion for using only natural ingredients stems from a background in Biological Science and Permaculture and the knowledge that nature can provide the things we need. Plants contain potent actives that can repel insects, are antibacterial, can soothe irritation, and promote healthy skin and fur.

The Inspiration

Tilly came into Kat’s world as a pound rescue in 2018. She was less than a year old and close to being euthanased at the Bundaberg pound before a lovely lady in Brisbane who rehomes beautiful dogs took her in and nursed her back to health. She was very timid, skinny and flea ridden.

DNA test results have shown that she is a border collie cross, with one of her parents being a pure-bred, the other parent mostly border collie with a bit of Australian Kelpie, Australian Koolie, Whippet, Boxer, and American Staffy (in decreasing order) thrown in there…

Kat ensures Tilly lives her best life, has a natural and wholesome diet, plenty of exercise and stimulation, and lives chemical free as much as possible.

Tilly lives on a 12m sailboat currently based in South East Queensland with Kat and her partner who sailed the boat through the Pacific from New Zealand before coming to Australia. Being on a boat has it’s advantages – she is never too far from a swim in the sea or a run and play on the beach. Her favourite things are belly rubs, balls and sticks and she is scared of thunder, nail guns and the printer.

Handmade in Australia

Doggie ‘Poo Shampoo Bars are lovingly handmade on Lamb Island, off the coast of Redland Bay, Brisbane.

Each bar is hand – cut and hand stamped. By purchasing, you are supporting a small and passionate Australian business.

To find out more about the special ingredients we use click here.